Inicio España 500 lifeguards for the Balearic Islands

500 lifeguards for the Balearic Islands


500 lifeguards for the Balearic Islands
• Monitor and control all swimmers.
• Don’t leave the surveillance post.
• Comply with the opening and closing hours of the workplace
• Know and comply with the Law on the regulation of swimming pools.
• Take a sample of water from the pool, and write it down in the sanitary record book.
• Keep the first-aid kit and the material of the company tidy and in perfect condition
• Punctuality in the work shift.
• Forget to inform the supervisor of any incident in the surveillance zone of the beach or
Is required:
• To know how to swim.
• Certificate of primary studies.
• Not suffer any illness or physical or psychophysical impairment that prevents the
proper development of work.
It’s valued:
• Official lifeguard degree. In case of not having the degree, the company will offer the
• Driving license B and own vehicle.
• Experience in the position.
It offers:
• 500 jobs.
• Salary of 1050 euros gross per month
• You can check the possibility of shared hosting
• Free training course by the company
• 6 month contract.
• Salary according to the Collective Agreement of the lifeguards.
March 2020
Contract: Spanish contract. (6 months, full time).

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Islas Baleares

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Entre 12.001 € y 15.000 € Bruto/Anual


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